JILLIES offer women privacy, comfort and style during medical treatment. Owning your own JILLIE is just a small step in maintaining your dignity throughout the course of radiation, chemotherapy and during routine mammograms and other medical procedures. JILLIES make great gifts for the special women in your life. Purchase a JILLIE


Worn by YOU, and you alone

Soft blush color, styles flatter most body types

2 sizes (S/M and L/XL)

100% natural cotton fabric, no harmful chemicals or dyes

Machine washable

Velcro closures for ease of fastening/unfastening

Deep armholes to facilitate dressing/undressing

Stylish details

Coordinating drawstring tote


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"I LOVED IT!!! I felt the garment was terrific, exactly what it was meant to be. The radiology nurses loved it. The consensus of opinion was that the garment is perfect." Carolyn

"Just wanted to let you know that I came home from the hospital yesterday and after a bit put my JILLIE on. I am loving it! It is so comfortable - just the right fabric weight and the velcro is PERFECT for access to everything. I am probably going to live in it for the next week or so. Thank you again for my JILLIE. I am telling everyone I know about it!" Cheryl

"Great product. I wore it at my surgeon's office and she really liked it." Elaine

"...the JILLIE was amazing and very functional for the tests which I had performed. The two physicians felt it was very well designed, functional and attractive. Also three of the patients who were waiting for their exams in their "generic, exposing and unflattering hospital gowns" commented positively." Becky

"Thank you so, so much. I always have a problem with hospital gowns.

They open and I have to tape them across. Thank you again and again."

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The nonprofit Hope in Bloom plants indoor and outdoor gardens free of charge in Massachusetts’at the homes of women and men in treatment for breast cancer. It was founded by Roberta Hershon as a tribute to her childhood friend and fellow gardener, Beverly Eisenberg, who lost her life to breast cancer.

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Ava Anderson Non-toxic Cosmetics

Ava Anderson, Founder
Did you know the FDA does not regulate personal care products? The only stipulation mandated by the FDA is that all ingredients must be listed on the packaging. Did you know that European law requires U.S. manufacturers to remove 1,100 chemicals from products before they can be sold in Europe? The average adult has 485 chemicals in their body. Ava Anderson non-toxic products were created in response to the absence of toxic free products. Their line of non-toxic facial products is not available in stores. These products can be purchased directly through their website.

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BRIGHT PINK Launches in Boston

BRIGHT PINK Launches in Boston
Bright Pink is a the only national breast and ovarian cancer non-profit organization with an exclusive focus on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in high-risk women. Their mission is to empower young women to be proactive, not reactive - to see themselves as advocates for their health, not victims of a disease. Their goal is to educate, enlighten and empower your women to take control of their breast and ovarian health. Bright Pink offers and array of dynamic and exciting programs and services. http://www.bebrightpink.org

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The Breast Cancer Site

The Breast Cancer Site
Purchases made on the Breast Cancer Site fund mammograms for women in need. They are currently offering 20% off all pink ribbon merchandise.

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